Aromatherapy : Relief

Clinical aromatherapy is the fastest growing complementary therapy in the United States. This modality has applications for some of the most common patient complaints and can offer a safe, inexpensive and self-empowering alternative to traditional treatments. Clinical aromatherapy has a very specific definition: It is the controlled, therapeutic use of essential oils or citrus oils for specific outcomes that are measurable.

Essential oils and Citrus oils are the volatile essences, complex constituents found in the producing organs of aromatic plants and peel of citrus fruits that are obtained by specific methods of extraction: steam distillation or expression. Clinical aromatherapy seeks to disassociate itself fromrecreational fragrance using synthetic scents that have no history of use. A few of the most common conditions treated by nurse practitioners can benefit from clinical aromatherapy, including vaginal infections, sinus infections and insomnia.

Addressing Dry Skin

Oils such as bergamot, ylang-ylang, cinnamon, lavender, jasmine, sandalwood and rose are great for treating depression

If you’ve been regularly suffering from dry skin with no tangible results in spite of repeated tries, maybe you need to look beyond your current treatment. Dry skin can lead toissues such as psoriasis and eczema. The good news is that you have a host of essential oils to choose from while looking for a solution for dry skin. One way to address dry skin is by making a moisturizer with 1 oz. of a botanical, unscented cream without parabens, mineral oil and other synthetic ingredients, add 5 drops of an undiluted essential oil, such as any of those mentioned above, mix well and apply to the skin on the face, neck and decollate. This way, the oils will be absorbed by the pores and will nourish your skin.

And, of course, always make sure that your intake of purified water and fresh juices is plentiful.  Eat a healthy diet and get plenty of rest.  Watch the stress levels.  And use essential oils to assist your body in balancing and correcting the skin.