Reflex Points Therapy is the study and practice of working on feet and hands reflexes corresponding to other parts of the body, a discipline based on the principle that reflex points in these areas are connected to every organ and gland.

 DESCRIPTION:  A theory and practice study on Clinical Aromatherapy as a complimentary therapy for prevention
and targeted wellness improvements.

Students attending this Seminar learn how to work Reflex Points Therapy as a tool to find blockages or congestion, either physical or psychological, in the body by learning the pressure point technique for assessment of the reflexes, and how to perform a reflexology session from taking the client’s consultation record, how to read the feet, learning the pressure technique for treatment and incorporating clinical aromatherapy during the Reflex Points Therapy treatment.

Practitioner Certification Program brochure

Theoretical Learning Outcomes: Students will explore the origins of Zone Therapy, the definition of what Reflexology is, Reflexology vs. Acupressure vs. Acupuncture, the importance of the Autonomic Nervous System in Reflexology Balancing, the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Systems using Reflexology, the structure of the hands and feet, the location of reflex points on the hands and feet, pressure-point technique for assessment and for treatment, Reflexology for common ailments, the role of Reflexology in stress, Reflexology and Clinical Aromatherapy for client’s program.

(Massage techniques of the hands and feet is not included)

Practical Formulation Learning Outcomes: expectations from reflex points assessment, tools, assessment procedure and treatment protocol for reflexology session, client follow-up sessions and home program.

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Aromatherapy Certification Programs, Classes and Workshops

The Aromatherapy Institute, Inc., was founded by Maria-Dolores Trujillo in 1991 and is nationally recognized as a center for education and training in the field of clinical Aromatherapy.  The Aromatherapy Institute offers instruction in the study of essential oils and citrus essences based on their botanical species, where these by-products are produced within the plant, and the process for their extraction.

The Aromatherapy Institute, Inc. is committed to offering the highest level of instruction and understanding of Aromatherapy products and their application. This dedication is mirrored in the continuing contributions made by our graduates to the health and wellness of people everywhere, and to the methods and practice of clinical Aromatherapy.


The Aromatherapy Institute offers courses based on scientific research, development and practical applications. Courses range from introductory classes for the lay person, continuing education program for Estheticians, and Massage Therapists to a Practitioner Certification Course. Our programs have been designed for Health Care Practitioner students, who will be incorporating this Therapy into their practice, and for students considering a career change.


Clinical Aromatherapy I (Two Day)

  • First in seminar for practicing Health & Wellness Practitioners
  • Advances you toward registered Aromatherapist certification
  • Study of essential oils and its many uses and benefits

clinical aromatherapy ii (two day)

  • Second, more advanced, study builds off of Part I
  • Chemistry, body systems, psychology of oils and therapeutic applications
  • Addressing ailments and treatments

clinical aromatherapy lab (two part, two day)

  • Further advancement toward registered Aromatherapist certification
  • Botany, body assessments, blending of oils & essences, effective treatments
  •  Incorporating with other treatments, ethics and legality