The Aromatherapy Institute offers courses based on scientific research, development and practical applications. Courses range from introductory classes for the lay person, continuing education program for Estheticians, and Massage Therapists to a Practitioner Certification Course.  Our programs have been designed for Health Care Practitioner students, who will be incorporating this Therapy into their practice, and for students considering a career change.

Clinical Aromatherapy I (Read More)
  • First in seminar for practicing Health & Wellness Practitioners
  • Advances you toward registered Aromatherapist certification
  • Study of essential oils and its many uses and benefits
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Clinical Aromatherapy II (Read More)
  • Second, more advanced, study builds off of Part I
  • Chemistry, body systems, psychology of oils and therapeutic applications
  • Addressing ailments and treatments
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Clinical Aromatherapy Lab (Read More)
  • Knowledge and skills study builds off of Part I
  • Further advancement toward registered Aromatherapist certification
  • Botany, body assessments, blending of oils & essences, effective treatments
  • Incorporating with other treatments, ethics and legality
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Reflexology (Read More)
  • Understanding the system relationships of feet and hands
  • The matrix of reflex points affecting health and well-being
  • Organ relationships to reflex points
  • Assessment, treatments and procedures for common ailments
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The Esthetician’s WholeBody™ Program
  • Introductory study of Clinical Aromatherapy
  • Essential Oils and their uses
  • Study of the skin and body system
  • Connection between plants and the skin
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