Clinical Aromatherapy Lab is a two-part, two day session for health and wellness practitioners.  This advanced course of instruction and training builds off of Clinical Aromatherapy I, and will move you even closer toward your trademark Registered Aromatherapist certification.

DESCRIPTION: Advanced theory and practice study on Clinical Aromatherapy as a complementary therapy
for prevention and targeted wellness improvements

Theoretical Outcomes:

The basics of Botany: families / taxonomy; body temperaments and understanding client’s weak temperament at the time of the consultation; body assessments using a specific muscle testing technique; the practice of blending oils and essences – proportions, pathways of penetration, method of application, carriers, and therapies; learning how to create effective remedies as preventive therapy to support the body’s vital organs and systems from virus or bacterial infection and assisting the body to manage daily stress; incorporating clinical aromatherapy with other therapies (and within a clinical framework) in nursing, hospice, care of the elderly, dermatology, stress management, obstetrics, gynecology, pediatrics, etc.; professional ethics and basic business development of an aromatherapy practice; legal and ethical issues.

Practitioner Certification Program brochure

Practical Outcomes:

  • Aromatherapy consultation
  • procedure
  • client profile
  • body assessment (muscle testing technique)

  • creation of a client home program
  • blending carriers-additives-essential/citrus oils
  • finding the correct dosage
  • administration/duration/ frequency of dosage

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