Clinical Aromatherapy II is a two-part, two day session for health and wellness practitioners.  This advanced course of instruction and training builds off of Clinical Aromatherapy I, and will move you even closer toward your trademark Registered Aromatherapist certification.

DESCRIPTION: Advanced theory and practice study on Clinical Aromatherapy I as a complementary and additional therapy for prevention
and targeted wellness improvements

Theoretical Outcomes:  Clinical II is an in-depth study of the origin of organic compounds, oxygenated compounds, basic terpene groups. Essential oils/Citrus essence’s main constituents and effects on physical and emotional well-being.

Practitioner Certification Program brochure

This seminar emphasizes the organic compounds, oxygenated compounds, basic terpene groups. Essential oils/Citrus essence’s main constituents. Psychosomatic effects of olfaction. Body systems and their common ailments: Digestive, Circulatory, Muscular/Skeletal, Endocrine, Respiratory, Integumentary, Nervous, Lymphatic, Immune. Relationship between psychological and physiological factors that create illness, protocols, and prevention. Learning how to create effective remedies to support the body’s vital organs and systems from virus or bacterial attack, and assisting the body to manage daily stress. Emotions and their relationship to organs and systems of the body. Recognizing stages of stress and how to assist the body on each stage. Safety precautions and contraindications.


  • Addressing common ailments of each body system with aromatherapy
  • Stages of stress and how to manage daily pressures
  • Relationship between and influence of psychology and physiology on illnesses
  • Choosing essential oils by main chemical constituents
  • Facial skin analysis and its relationship with body systems and organs

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