Clinical Aromatherapy I is a two-part, two day session for health and wellness practitioners.  This course of instruction and training will move you closer toward your trademark Registered Aromatherapist certification.

 DESCRIPTION:  A theory and practice study on Clinical Aromatherapy as a complementary therapy for prevention
and targeted wellness improvements.

Students learn, in depth, the potency and concentration of essential oils, citrus oils and absolutes employed in various fields and modalities. This seminar also covers the aromatic plant’s producing organs and the effects of their essences on the body and mind.  Covers in depth the study and benefits of 85 different oils between essential oils, citrus oils and absolutes.

Practitioner Certification Program brochure

Emphasis is placed on blending techniques, proportions, pathways of penetration, botanical carriers and different methods of application. Discover how to create effective remedies as preventive therapy to support the body’s vital organs and systems, and to protect them from viral or bacterial infection. Learn how to assist the body by addressing emotions and managing daily stress.  Other important areas covered are the safety guidelines to prevent sensitization, photo-sensitization, skin reactions and neuro-toxicity as well as the effects on pregnancy,  In this seminar, students participate in the creation of a case study addressing physical and psychological areas with development of a home program infants, children and the elderly.  Available in both English and Spanish.


  • Sample of each essential oil, citrus oil, and absolute
  • History and traditional use
  • Myth busting facts and fiction
  • Creating a First Aid Kit
  • Physiological and psychological effects
  • Using essential oils, citrus oils, and absolutes safely

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